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Inside the mind of.......

Inside the mind of Courtney Lynn Harvey
15 September 1987
Theres alot of things that i could tell you about myself, The fact that i live in Oceanside Califorina, that i grew up in sandiego, That i have three best friends by the names of Laci, Natalie and Sharron, that i have the greatest brother in the world by the name of Mike ( Who always stands beside me no matter what decision i make....even if i hurt myself in the process.) The fact that even though they don't show it that well my family loves me more then i think. but then i would be telling you alot that most of you who are reading already know. Im Courtney, a bacsic 20 year old makeing a living working at wal-mart Living out on my own in Oceanside California. I enjoy most of the usual things hanging out with my friends and family, Dancing and listening to music, sitting in my room and writing in my private journal as well as this one, I have a myspace as well if you wanna check it out my email is Insane_tellietubby@hotmail.com I have a complicated mind as most of you will grow to understand. If not oh well...you shouldn't be reading anyways.